Blow Your Mind Brussels

My first memory of Brussels Sprouts is when I was much younger and my Dad put 3 of these little cabbage looking things on my plate. I thought they smelled bad and I took one bite and, well, I think that was my last bite of them until about a year ago. 

I kept seeing so many recipes for roasted brussels sprouts that I finally decided to give them another chance, except this time on my terms! :)  My mind has been forever changed. They have quickly become one of my favorite vegetables to eat. 

Bacon Molasses Brussels Sprouts

These little cabbages are so good for you and so quick and easy to incorporate into dishes that I find myself buying them every week!… 

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Coffee Quote

Five Things Coffee

This post is dedicated to my love of coffee! Usually the first thing I think about when I wake up is when I can have my first cup of coffee. I know you’re thinking “OMG she has kids shouldn’t her first thought be about them or her husband?”. I love all 3 of them more… 

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Banana Date Smoothie

I ventured a little out of my smoothie comfort zone with this recipe. My usual smoothies always consist of something green…kale, spinach, swiss chard, you get the point.  It’s rare that I make a sweeter smoothie. In my 34 years  I don’t think I’ve ever tried a date.  I decided to pick some up last… 

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summer somewhere

Imagine Dragons + Thinking Out Loud #10

Good Morning! I’m linking up with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud! Read along and join in! 1) This time next week I will be on my way back home from Atlanta.  J and I will be headed to an Imagine Dragons concert on Wednesday! Yay!!!! I am so excited about this. I. LOVE. THEM. J… 

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Valentine’s Recap + The Best Alfredo

Sorry this is a little late, but I wanted to do a little Valentine’s Day recap.  First, it is really fun now that we are all grown up and have kids of our own and we can watch how they get so excited for holidays and occasions. My youngest, Emma, who is 2 was so… 

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